Friday, August 26, 2011

First Impressions

   Within the first three minutes of meeting someone we form at least five oppinions of them in our minds... this scares me a little...

    My first opinions of Southeastern 1.A place to grow in God as well as with other believers!
2.its going to be a ton of fun! 3. Its also going to be a ton of work to accomplish the things that i feel the Lord has called me to do! 4.Its going to be an awesome adventure and a brand new chapter in my life! and 5. Golly I hope people like me!

  If you haven't exactly met me yet you should be a little thankful! ha! for those who have rather recently or in the past you would know that I get a little excited .. wait a little too excited sometimes to meet people for the first time. especially when I am meeting several people at once! which tends to leave me feeling a little apologetic shortly there after because while I am that happy to meet them i am a much chiller person than that hah but i am excited to get to know you!

The things I am most excited about my time at SEBC is just the time I'm going to have to grow in God more as well as the time I'm going to have to get to know my community more!It really feels like a place that is going to change the world and I am more than excited to be apart of it!

I am going to be in the counseling program at SEBC and taking Mission classes This is going to be an Amazing semester!! I'm so blessed that God has brought me to SEBC and so thankful for the people that I have met , and those that i have yet to meet. I'm so grateful for everyones kindness and i cant wait to grow those relationships over time! But yet I yearn  daily to see how Gods' hand is going to move in a way I've never seen before! and I cant wait!

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  1. Great Kayla! Can't wait to hear about your journey at school! Love you and cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!