Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When God's People Pray!

     Oh the Power of prayer! I know I have not blogged in a while but I promise one is coming soon! In fact check back this evening! but I just wanted to express something that has been on my heart for a while!So these last couple of Months have been crazy for me. but I wanted to stop and thank those who have stopped and prayed for me. From Family (and Church family :))to friends and everywhere in between I cant thankyou enough for all it has meant to me! Prayers from moving to Birmingham to come to a school that would ground and grow my faith! and Praise God for Southeastern Bible College and all who attend it! It has been a place that has been the biggest step of faith to the Greatest point on my life at any given day :) But the blessings I receive daily from learning more of God's word to Community the sense of belonging and knowing that God wants me here that He placed me here! For Falling down a hill and having to be on crutches for three weeks and just having hard times adjusting! For prayers for my classes and finals that will be starting Next Week!! Where does all the time go! From Home in Clay Co. And Kenya, Africa , and my new Home in Birmingham Words can not express my Gratitude!

Thanks for reading there will be a bigger blog thingy about where I am in  my life and at SEBC later this evening! BUT this was just a thought I wanted to express!

God Bless,
Kayla Elise Shepard

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  1. Girl, you are loved here at SEBC and I am praying for you!! I would love to hear what all God is doing in your life! :)